New Charter Yachts in Croatia

Luxury yacht charter for memorable holiday travel.

We offer racing yachts and Luxury Yacht Charter for an unforgettable holiday gateway.

Vishe Radugi Yachting provides a wide range of yacht management service packages to allow you enjoy your own yacht without the need of practical ownership concern.

Whether you own or willing to sail a boat or catamaran, we are there for you. Our experts are highly committed to their profession and provide maximum support for the customers. At the outset, the annual running cost, for the yacht will be estimated by the owner, then generate a cash – flow – forecast and a budget. We get initial funds from the owner and it is then credited to the owner or the owner’s office or accountants end of every month. The owner will have to pay a monthly fee to use our services. All costs are imposed on our actual cost and the owner gets all benefits of discounts, which we both can enjoy.


All the issues there might happen on the yacht are taken care by a special technical team of Vishe Radugi. Expert technicians will keep it in an excellent condition and will look after any kinds of repair that may need. Our weekly and monthly schedules will make sure that preventative maintenance is performed to reduce the major work chance and it will be noted daily, if required more follow up care will also be organized. This is the main reason why owners grant us rights to manage their new yachts for charter.

Whether you are looking to charter your yacht occasionally or throughout the year, we are here to help you to gain your optimal returns through top notch marketing and management. Being one of the reputed charter company in Europe and Croatia, with an agency network, we assure high incomes from the business, offering charter yachts.

Official DocumentationĀ 

We can sort out all kinds of paperwork and formalities on your behalf like the aspects concerning the expert operation of your yacht, and afford you from this procedure.

Accounting SupportĀ 

We provide accounting support, established to the wants to your yacht and your crew and enable you to have a financial briefing on a regular base.

Crew MattersĀ 
Vishe Radugi provides the services of an exceptional team for the recruitment of the right crew for your luxury racing yacht.

Vishe Radugi is the best choice for Yacht charters management.