New Sailing Yacht Charter- Sailing Yachts Croatia

VIshe Radugi yachting fleet helps you  to find your way of traveling with sailing yachts in Croatia. Sailing in Croatia is the most popular direction in Adriatic sea.
Our company helps you in sailing yachts travel in Croatia. New yacht charters are available at low prices for enjoying family holidays.
You can take a new sailing yacht charter by yourself or with professional Skipper whom we provide additionally. In this case you can spend 1 or 2 and more weeks in the sea under the sails in your own style and vision.
Also you can join one of our event which we regularly make during the season and take part in regatta competition with provided program and rout.
You can chose the level of comfort and find sailing tour yachts in standard and luxury level. Depend on it we can offer you different yachts and charter or regatta sailing tour.
Chosing Vishe Radugi Yachting you get the best sailing yachts in Croatia!
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