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Vishe Radugi Yachting — charter company in Croatia, was founding in 2012 and till now is going to it’s main goal — to do our best for our guests.


The company is the only owner of the fleet of 13 yachts. We charter the yachts, organising flotilla and sailing regatta, open for photo-shooting,  weddings and others events.

The top management of Vishe Radugi Yachting was starting the business at 2012 and today there is the same group head to deal a company.


With our 11 One Design Hanse 445 we do sail regatta and flotilla.

Luxury Hanse 575 BOLSHOY and Sense 55 SOCHI 2014 are mostly for special guests and special case.

Our team also invite to join us the yacht owners with to our fleet. We offer Charter Management Yacht Owner Program , Parter Yacht Owner Program or Maintenance Yacht Owner Program.

You can became a yacht Owner in any time you decide to.  We can advice and support you from making choice of the yacht model and financing of the purchase till the regularly maintenance and 24/7 support during your holiday on your own yacht.

Destination we are represented is is the one of the best places in the world — Croatian coast line of Adriatic Sea, which is unlimited to be discovered with a sailing yacht looking for new exiting and experience.


Every year we organise and support numerous regatta and flotilla with our guests, in cooperation with our partners, our own projects and also assistance to events of our regular Croatian Sailing Federation calendar. 

Our team was getting experience and its rating during all these time from the beginning till today. We trust to each other and trust to our partner. We got more and more good seamanship and become more professional in all we do.

Booking department support our guest and partner for the best organising travel.

Technician service group is looking for the best fleet conditions, assist to manage all needs on check-in/check-out and week needs and help, keeping the maintenance system on the high level.

We are thankful to our  friends and partners who believed in our success then in 2012 and still work with us. Today we cooperate with hundreds agencies around the world, organise sailing races event for the famous Russian and Europe brand companies, keep friendship with our partners and we are still trying to do better.

Welcome on board!

Sincerely yours,
Vishe Radugi  Yachting

Giving Back

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