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We offer the program of your boat management which has already been used and recognised as a good deal model by many charter companies and satisfied yacht owners.

You can become a yacht owner with minimal investment and enjoy all the benefits and advantages of yacht ownership without taking care of yacht maintenance, keeping your money and your time. 

WHY to go in with us:

  • we are the owner of 13 yachts - we know how to work with this

  • our experienced team ready to give full power care about your boat

  • your booking calendar depends on your own wishes and business plan (we provide minimum 16 weeks charter per season)

  • we provide financial security with insurance against loss of charter income

  • we support high maintenance standards ensure best resale value for your yacht regardless of its age

  • our partners are ready to provide you special purchase conditions for your yacht into our agreements

  • we keep high-quality aftersales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty

  • our head office deliver you transparent cash flow reports through constant insight in income and expenses

  • you get profit to cover all yearly costs an using up to 4 weeks for your own holiday on board

If you would like to own a yacht but you are not sure you could finance it, maintain it or you do not have enough available time to use it as much as you would like to, Charter Management is the best choice for you.  Join our charter management program and carelessly enjoy in your dreams coming true.

The program is create to help you find the easiest way to finance the purchase of the yacht and its maintenance out of charter income while requiring the lowest possible initial investment.


We can offer 2 variants of Charter Management program. Depends on it' model the yacht owner has different conditions on financing , charter booking plane and yacht range to chose. 

To become a yacht Owner

Intended for those who are aiming for maximum return on investment and flexibility in their holiday planning. The charter income is shared in 65% – 35% ratio in favour of the investor. The investor purchases the yacht in his name or in the name of his company and is more actively involved in the yachts business operations. A 30% down payment is sufficient to purchase a yacht while the rest can be financed by leasing. The charter income should cover the leasing annuities and the costs of maintenance, insurance and berth while, depending on the down payment amount, the investor can expect additional profit. This model also offers greater discounts when purchasing a yacht.

With this charter management model, there is more flexibility in choosing the yacht and its equipment.

To become our Partner

Intended for those who do not want to own a company and actively participate in the yachts business operations, or to be more exact, those who only want to use the yacht for up to 3 weeks a year and do not want to have any cares/obligations regarding the yacht. The investor pays 60% of the yachts value (depending on the yacht model) and the charter company pays the rest. The investor becomes the sole owner of the yacht after 6 seasons of chartering. The charter income is not shared with the investor thus to cover the purchase, maintenance, berth and all other additional costs.

With this charter management model you can choose only certain yacht models equipped by our specification.

To chose the yacht

In the Hanse Yachting World Ownership model, the final decision is yours, regardless of what specific model or number of cabins you choose. However, in order to make your purchase more favourable we will recommend the most profitable Hanse models according to our professional experience. Moreover, with detailed calculation of cost and income, we will present the cost-effectiveness of particular yacht models in order to help you find the most suitable yacht that will match your personal and financial needs. With the Hanse Yachting World ownership model you will have greater discounts when purchasing a yacht.

In case you already own a yacht you can still join our program. Feel free to contact us and earn additional income with your yacht.
In the Hanse Yachting World Partnership model, you can choose only from our own selection of yachts that are equipped by our specifications in order to guarantee sufficient bookings for the return of our costs and investment.






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