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1st Friends’ Week

Dear Friends!

The first meeting with you — for the first time in many months — this is my story! And this story, of course, is the story of Vishe Radugi Yachting — 1st Frends’ Week is in the calendar of events of our young company!

Thank you for visiting us in our small but beautiful country! Relaxed and enjoyed the sun and the sea, tried to be a yachtsmen and sportsmen! Found new friends! You made us surprised and delighted, you supported us and made us more string! You had fun and relaxing, jumped into this adventure with a head! Enjoyed with us the gifts of tasty Adriatic and bright mood! You were together with us and, of course, you became a part of our project!

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Far away from each other, in different time zones and weather conditions, weeping and laughing, feeling happy and not, work, run, take care of the family and forget about yourself, remember each other rarely, but neatly — it’s all we are! We are so different, but we are together!

Thanks to you, our friends!

Sincerely yours, Vishe Radugi Yachting Team

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