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7 routes around Dalmatia

In the 2013 season, we have prepared for you a new discovery!

Regatta in Croatia is a beautiful colorful journey, where you can see the red and purple sunsets, visit the green vineyards, take a dip in the blue-blue caves, to hunt pheasants — to each his own!

Season 2012 delineated a new fleet of 7 yachts Hanse445!

Season 2013 presents a new series of travel of 7 routes Vishe Radugi! We invite you to spend the summer in the exploreing coast of Central Dalmatia!

And to make it in the color that best matches your mood!

We paved routes, taking into account the palette and secret meaning of each of the names of the Rainbow Fleet.

Charter routes Croatia

Charter routes Croatia

This season we offer you a brand new 7 routes around Dalmatia from Vishe Radugi! Choose your way to search for adventure!

You can go through the paths of seafarers in just 7 days or prolong the pleasure for the whole week! And then for two!

Visit the green or blue lagoon shore. Find a place to hide a purple twilight. Find out what they want travelers to Aboriginal small islands. Do not linger in the bush, and try to become real hunters! Go where you need to go everyone! Choose your path!

And see you on the routs!

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