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Dear Guests and Partnters, 

Inform you that Republic of Croatia has no any new restriction in its border policy and still continue to aloud entering Croatia to the tourist of EU country without any additional conditions and restriction. You just need to provide your booking confirmation that you receive by boat reservation. 

According to the EU Directive, we inform you that till the end of season 2020 and whole the season 2021 Standard Terms and Conditions of Vladimirovna d.o.o. apply to all reservation made after 11.03.2020. 

Please, check details here:

Consumers should note that the  below “Frequently asked questions” do not apply for reservations made or event tickets purchased after the declaration of the COVID-19 outbreak as pandemic by the World Health Organization (11 March 2020), as the pandemic consequences on travels could no longer be considered as unforeseen or unexpected by the consumers.

EU consumer law does not regulate the conditions for and consequences of cancellation of individual services such as accommodation reservations. Therefore, your rights as a consumer depend on national contract law, including rules on extraordinary circumstances, and the type and terms of your contract, including the stated cancellation policy of the service provider (e.g. refundable or non-refundable booking). Under EU consumer law, traders are bound to act according to professional diligence and should not mislead consumers about their rights or make it difficult for consumers to exercise their rights. It is therefore expected that, in particular as of 11 March 2020, consumers are adequately informed about the possible consequences for their booking should they have to cancel their travel or should the provider have to cancel the accommodation.

Croatian Government Statement (Article 2.) 


Vladimirovna d.o.o.

Vishe Radugi Yachting

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