Not every story begins and ends favorably. However, a cautionary tale «everyone» starts and lasts!


June 6, our «Everyone» has received the official registration documents, and by the evening took on board its first guests. Exciting waiting for phone calls from clients in the next day evening gave way to tranquility and peace. Nobody called.

In the morning we received the first call.

Blown fuse with the autopilot. Mysteriously … it worked yesterday, today is burnt .. Replaced the fuse. An hour later the next call:  fuse blows the anchor winch. It worked yesterday, today is burnt … We sent support, replaced, switched it on, was burned again .. We were calling each other, looking for the true and the service team. On June 10, «KAZHDY» has returned from the battlefield. From the first. Short but effective. Repaired and satisfied.


A recognizable profile of Hanse, happy passengers traveling on the stern, greetings, mooring, share emotions and information. The lessons are clear. The comments received. We will correct our work. We will equip the yacht much better. We will be more attentively to clients. And the battle will start tomorrow again …!

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