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From Croatia with Good News

Обновлено: 12 мая 2020 г.

We update the information on the situation with restrictions in Croatia due to the coronovirus.

We follow the main portals of tourism and the Ministry of Health of Croatia. And on the basis of the information published on these resources, we share it with you.

Measures taken by the Croatian government have shown results, with the number of COVID-19 cases reducing by day and more people getting better.

From 27.04.2020, with most of the stores and businesses started to open, following the guidelines of distancing. Restrictions are lifted on public transportation, libraries, galleries and some service industry companies.

From May 4th bring back the shops that include close contact with customers and the public health system in its full capacity.

From 11.05.200 entered the third phase of the Croatian government plan of restriction reduction and coffee shops, bars and restaurants , as well as shopping malls work regularly with all recommendation of distancing.

The most important thing is that national flights are back on schedule. Croatia has opened its borders. All Croatian citizens as well as the foreign citizens with businesses, real estates and yachts can now freely enter Croatia. 14-day long self-isolation is no longer mandatory, but epidemiological guidelines should be followed.

With EU directives and WHO recomendations we are getting ready for the season. Improve our cleaning service with new updated rules we prepare the fleet for the guests following line of safety and comfort.

During all this time with Covid19 restrictions Croatia is shown as low epidemical risky country in a whole Europe, so you can plan your holiday in Croatia without any doubt. We will support you and your crew with all necessary safety needs.

Hope to see you soon!

See you on board Vishe Radugi Team

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