MBY Hanse Cup 2017

Dear Friends,

This year — 2017 — under Motor Boat & Yachting Russia flags — is taking place MBY Hanse Cup 2017.

Together with magazine there partners of regatta Nord Star Yachting and charter company Vishe Radugi Yachting. The 5th regatta is taking place in Split, Croatia, 16 — 23 of September.

Despite of name Motor Boat —the magazine regularly issue articles about sailing events and share with readers the unique experience in world wide famouse sailing races.

The format of regatte MBY Hanse Cup 2017 keep its traditions — maximum of sports for amatures regatta.

Fleet is growing up. For those who prefer to sail less extremely, we provide cruiser devision — «grand tourism».

Participation: Team + Skipper: 3500 Eur yacht rent + 150 Eur transit log + 150 Eur regatta fee per crew member. Deposit insurance — 3000 Eur Individual: 1000 Eur. Includes skipper, cabin berth, regatta fee, fuel, marina berth.

If you prefer to spend Fall under the sails — welcome to MBY Hanse Cup 2017!

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