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Merry Christmas !

And Happy New Year!

Catholic Europe celebrates Christmas.

In Croatia, the main course of the Christmas Eve evening is the roast from the first dried, and by Christmas again soaked and resuscitated, cod - "bakalar", with potatoes in white or red sauce - to choose from. This dish - "bakalar" - is served all December in all taverns and restaurants.

Children with parents set a nativity scene under the Christmas trees - with lambs and a baby, and even compete with relatives and friends whose nativity scene is more beautiful.

Christmas in Croatia is a very important family holiday. And we heartily congratulate our faithful comrades, friends and partners on this solemn day! Sretan Bozic i Isusov blagoslov svima!

And our dear Orthodox Christians, we congratulate you on the upcoming New Year 2020!

Year 2019 flew by, as it never happened! Let's look forward and wait for a miracles!

We wish you happiness!

See you in the New Year!

From Croatia, With Love

Vishe Radugi Team

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