Regatta Vishe Radugi Cup 2014

Friends! We congratulate all of you and we have a happy holiday! Vishe Radugi Cup Regatta was held in 2014! Took a new holiday body and soul! Feast of Culture and Sports! Holiday recreation and positive mood!


Croatia again met their guests sunny days and starry nights, windy and calm weather, warm sea and colored sails Vishe Radugi Yachting! Croatia gave us a great week of unforgettable impressions. Sports component regatta gives a very rich. Of the planned 9 races held almost all 9. One racing was canceled due to lack of wind. The remaining 8 races — 4 block and 4 Olympic distance — were passed crews worthy! No damage! No cry! As part of the entertainment program of the regatta Vishe Radugi Cup we had a lot! We visit the ancient city protected by UNESCO, visited Krka National Wildlife Refuge and plunged into the swift waters of the rivers, aspiring to the sea, looked into the guests to the island Visovac Franciscan hermits, climbed to the top of the peninsula city of Primosten, look at the life of a small fishing Carnival village on the island of Solta. We climbed into the sky in a balloon straight from the beach Primosten, where thunderstorm accompanied sunset, we were listening to folk songs and tried to understand the national dances on the historic square at the main temple of the city of Sibenik, we were rooting for the Croatian national team in the match Croatia-Brazil in the FIFA World Cup at the foot of the ancient fortress in Trogir, we joined the European Championships in the Laser class in the central yacht club of Split! We took care of the purity of nature, ocean stored, shared positive energy to give it in return!

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Whole life has been lived during these 7 days! And each of the crews will keep your story about this beautiful journey! KAZHDY (Yuri Firsov, Tatiana Burdanova Ruben Ekzaryan Dmitry Arkhipov, Anna Huhoreva Oleg Zhigulsky, Sipahi Haktanir) immediately took the leading position and has not given it to anyone, even when I tried to start last! Passing dumped the entire fleet at the final stint, not losing, including rapid in the race ZHELAET, snatched victory for the whole body and received the prize for the first place! Yay! OKHOTNIK (Alexei Tolstoy, Paul Balukov Roman Rusakov, Dmitry Cherry, Andrew Molokoedov, Anatoly Ustinov) is pleasant to spend time sailing trained, adequately and correctly passed all distance honored tradition and stability, men’s strong friendship, but also dances, songs and kisses, kept fireproof, but explosive stock red cans and other hard materials, 25 hours a day, was ready to help those in need, all the way followed our feed, never gave up and finished the regatta worthy 7 of 7 members! Enjoying life and sailing — especially for the crew OKHOTNIK! ZHELAET (Galina Kochneva Anna Panasiuc, Surkov Victoria, Victoria Mashnin) — a traditional girl’s crew acted as befits girls, beautiful! Fighting on the verge of downed knees, but in any case not broken nerves! «Are you fine!» a gesture, when behind a white squall, «Shine!» for every centimeter to get the rope, «Just fine!» if suddenly all managed to live out of the battle to come back! And silence — a bitter, silent, without words and excuses — if the brand is not there, we currently draw and go to her when she goes … no one, or if they were so close to the desired position, but somewhere something not risen, and now all the way around ..



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