Season 2013


As long as we were fond of the Christmas bustle, travel and champagne, as always unexpectedly the new year has came, and with it the season of 2013. And so we  invite you now to think about the coming summer and to plan your vacation on the sunny coast of the Adriatic with renew snow-white Hanse from Vishe Radugi!!

Season 2013 Vishe Radugi

Season 2013 Vishe Radugi

The fleet enlarged! Now we are ready to offer you 10 monotype Hanse445 and legendary new Hanse575!

Why today we’re talking to you about this? Because the booking is active now, and the fulfillment of your desires now also depends on the availability of free weeks in the fleet.

At the moment, the following picture:

  1. Hanse575 — May, June and October are still available for booking.

  2. Hanse445 — July-August, while in your possession, other terms — on request.

We start our season! We stay in touch! We are waiting for you!

Sincerely, Vishe Radugi Yachting

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