Season 2020 is over - Welcome season 2021

Dear Friends,

In a new reality we decide to move on and we are open Booking Calendar for the Season 2021.

Nobody knows what it will be the Time and what it will be the Season.

So all usual booking and charter conditions of Standard Agreement is in power as it works usually - there is no any exception or loyalty tip - we do not believe in anything any more. So if you want to have a reservation on our fleet - we will ask you to follow standard rules and obligations.

As the EU law and prescription says, there is nothing sure after 11.03.2020 and all confirmed reservation made after that date are made under personal responsibility of the buyer.

As whole the Season 2020 we were absolutely open to provide our service and there was no any restriction in Croatia for tourists we continue to be open for all our guests for the next season. Today standard rules apply to all tourist products in Croatia. And we follow this direction as the only one possible to stay on.

All Vouchers issued in 2020 will be served in 2021 as confirmed. All new reservation apply to the standard rules of Charter Agreement.

See you next year!

From Croatia with faith in the future,

Vishe Radugi team

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