Team of Masters

Dear friends!

By tradition, we again want to pay attention to our team — a team of colleagues and masters of our common deal! Thanks to the coordinated work of our crew and the pursuit of a common goal in the season 2016 you can again enjoy the yachts fleet Vishe Radugi Yachting in their excellent condition!

Updated bimini and spreyhoods, lazy bags and new stoppers and carbines, sterile tanks, fresh sailing pilots — a small part of that every  year we put in order to restore and cherish for you!

Our team is always ready to help! Train you to sail gennaker, use the dock & go system, replace the gas cylinder, will hand suddenly demanded box for slippers,  shield you with additional blanket, distribute internet, remind of the approaching bad weather! We care not only about our fleet, but also about our guests!

Welcome aboard Vishe Radugi Yachting!

Vishe Radugi Team

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