The guidelines for foreign sailors

The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastracture issued today several explanations and guidelines in regard to sailors, boat owners from other countries, people who rent boats,  yacht charter and sailing in Croatia. Here are the most important ones.

The entry and the boarding is allowed for foreign citizens who are either crew members on a boat that is berthed in Croatia or is currently not in use, without having to self- isolate on that boat.  

Foreign citizens who own a yacht or a boat that berthed or in a boat storage in the Republic of Croatia are allowed cross the border but have to submit a document that proves either ownership, boat charter of that they are leaseholders. Additionally they need to show the berth contract or the confirmation issued by the port of nautical tourism. The same applies to vessels owned by a company. The members of the owner’s household may also cross the border but have to be registered on the Crew list.

Yacht or boat charter might be another reason for coming to Croatia and it has to be supported by the crew list that has be registered in eNautika system by a charter company or the owner of the particular vessel prior to the arrival. 

Sailing on a boat or a yacht less than 24 m into the country is still not allowed while sailing on all the yachts and boats that are already in Croatia is allowed. When the boat is berthed, it is imperative to prevent the transfer of the crew from one boat to another. 

For all the crew members and sailors who come to Croatia, it is recommended to limit non-essential going ashore for the first 14 days of stay. The cruising days or days spent on the anchorage prior to arrival to Croatia, provided that there had been no contact with other people are also counted.

All foreign citizens as well as the citizens of Croatia who arrive to the country must follow general and special recommendations issued by the Croatian Public Health Institute.

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