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We want to share with you our happy!

Dear Friends !

We want to share with you our happy!

This  weekend,  our   strong and brave base manager Vishe Radugi Mirko and delicate, fragile , beautiful MAYA — announced to the whole world that  the  world  is  not  enough for them any more and there is their great  happiness ,   and  they  promised  to give each other a lot of pleasant,  lights, sweets, only to each other  and only with love!


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We made present for them but to enjoy it we have to ask you help us! Moscow  —  St. Petersburg — a journey with a friendly points !  Russian parties for Croatian friends!  Be ready !

We are very proud of the fact that the sea , the sails and the project Vishe  Radugi allows our new friends to fall in love , to get married, to be happy and to enjoy the new days in a new stories of their live!

Be happy !!!!

From Croatia with love! Vishe Radugi Team

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