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If only there was no winter ..

In the autumn months, the coast of the Adriatic Sea is usually turbulent - the wind changes its direction and arranges a variety of adventures.

The South "Jugo" flooded not only Venice, but also got us - Split and the surrounding area with a tidal wave a little sunken under the sea. However, the very warm weather in the south wind allows for the final seasonal regattas, which Split is not deprived of.

When it turns to the "Bura" - the north wind, you can dry the sails and engage in finishing work of the hull and bottom. Although the weather requires sunglasses, the temperature drops sharply, and a strong wind does not allow you to stay on the pontoon for a long time.

Our season of evacuating seasonal damage and preparing the fleet for the new season is in full swing. The guys do their technical work during the day, and at night in bad weather someone is on duty at the pontoon.

Dalmatian winter is a harsh time of the year when there is a lot of wind, a lot of rain, a lot of anxiety.

But we can go through it :)

Stand by!

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