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Route KAZHDY compiled for each of you. This is the list of places and towns that have to see everyone who comes to Dalmatia.    KAZDHY / 7 days Route’s  1  Kaštel Gomilica – Maslinica (ŠOLTA)  14NM  2   Maslinica (ŠOLTA) – Komiža (VIS)  20NM  3   Komiža (VIS) – Zaklopatica (LASTOVO)... READ MORE


OKHOTNIK drafted with an eye to the fact that you managed to not only enjoy the views around, but also to try his own hand to get some lunch, cook it and eat it! Stay safe and happy!   OKHOTNIK / 7 days Route’s  1  Kaštel Gomilica – Šešula (ŠOLTA)... READ MORE


ZHELAET goes to places romantic, sheltered from crowded marinas. The beaches away from the active life of island towns, small bays anchorage, breakfast under the sun and the starry sky above.    ZHELAET / 7 days Route’s  1  Kaštel Gomilica – Jorja (ŠOLTA)  19NM  2  Jorja(ŠOLTA) – Pakleni Otoci (HVAR)... READ MORE


ZNAT – a place known for their attendance by many notable persons. The yacht of russian oligarch is berthed here, clubs and nightlife for the young and active are there, fahrer – fabulous restaurants for established and wealthy.    ZNAT / 7 days Route’s  1  Kaštel Gomilica – Trogir  7NM... READ MORE


GDE – we decided to send you to such places, where you would be looking for during long time! And when they find you – they will want to stay there with you! Kornati and a hundred small islands where you will lost for a week and forget about the... READ MORE


SIDIT – the main idea of this route is quite simple: you’re sitting all week in the marina! But you are on a yacht! Sailing yacht! This is – for passive! For activists – visit the blue cave where the sun penetrates deep through one single hole in the rocky... READ MORE


PHAZAN – to see, to catch, to make a picture, to taste everything that you may encounter on the way to the reserve KRKA. Spills mountain rivers, waterfalls, fish, birds, flora and fauna – Nature lovers will love this route!    PHAZAN / 7 days Route’s  1  Kaštel Gomilica –... READ MORE


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