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One Design Fleet HANSE 445

One Design Fleet Hanse 445 — sport cruiser, fast and comfortable.

Hanse445 is the one of that yacht model that was trying to be made as fast as comfortable. Presented at 2012 by shipyard as a perfect one they still was trying to make it better with new addition and correctives.

But further upgraded models lost their sporty stile or get more weight with more no need stuff, so they change their first conception in generally.

The yachts made in 2012/2013 years was identically to each other and are almost all concentrated in our charter company from whole Adriatic coast. We have them 11 boats one design fleet.

Except Hanse445 are perfect to spend a time, these yachts are absolutely performed to sailing and racing in one devision

You don’t need to use any corrective system or handicap tables to compare results. In one design fleet you have already one design yachts with all the same equipment, sails, reliable speed — you just sail and win if you finish first. No any additional calculation and  necessary stuff. So your team building or flotilla or regatta competitors are absolutely satisfied with real results.

Every year we provide full wintertime maintenance: hull care, engine service, inside technical systems and outfit visual repairs, deck rigging repair and ropes renew.

All sails were changed in one time so you have again same performance. Main sails was renew in 2018 year, genoa 2016, genakers 2017 year.

Underwater cleaning and painting is yearly done. We coate it with the 3 layers of antifouling. This type of antifouling paint is very durable and doesn’t fade so that the boat is clean and ready for sailing every week in a season.

On board you can find everything necessary: bedlinen, towels, internet connection, equipped kitchen and cooking stuff, cleaning kit, dinghy, safety set. Provisioning service is also available with our partner Touch&Lunch.

If you decide to have yacht event but not sure exactly how it should be, we can advice you couple of formats for different groups, offer several programs you would like to have, compare the routs and places to stay, make all administrative and technical deals.

To organise events on the see by the Croatian law regatta should be registered in Croatian Sailing Federation. We easy manage it  for you and do all paperwork as we have our representative in CSF as a partner of our company — Yacht Club MONOFLOT.

We can provide full race commity group with race officers and necessary equipment for race pole — buoys, ropes, signals, flags, RIB Lolivul 5,9. Manage yacht branding and promotional cloth.

We also provide our technical support during regatta and flotilla. Our team of sailing technicians is always stand by to help or assist with any technical points, boat maintenance or small question advice. During the season they manage to keep the fleet in the best conditions for sailing and cruising, provide non stop client service covering whole Dalmatia bases and moorings.

We also are able to provide coastal programs service for your event — marine berth, dinners reservation, parties and any others shows, excursions and trips, rent additional water attraction equipment — just ask us and we do it.

So One Design Fleet of 11 yachts Hanse445 — is a real opportunity to make a match in a cruise race for professionals and amateurs.

Before coming you can check list of equipment 445

To book the fleet for competitions or flotation, as well as to apply for participation in regatta you can send mail to

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