NEW policy COVID-19

Dear colleagues, partners and guests of the Vishe Radugi Yachting fleet,

We sincerely believe that the situation will improve for all other European countries.

We also understand anxiety and all issues that may arise.

In order to prevent panic and support our customers, we clarify the issues caused by COVID-19.

We offer optimised payment conditions and cancelation policy from 29.06.2020 till the end of the season or further changes:

1) advance payment to confirm the reservation in the amount of 50% should be paid by the confirmation during 3 days.

2) balance payment 50% should be paid at least 15 days before the start date of the charter.

In case of cancelation of reservation due to problem not in Croatian but by reason caused of guests' country of permanent residence, the standard terms of the contract apply:

cancellation earlier than 60 days - 30% penalty

cancellation in less than 60 days - 50% penalty

cancellation in less than 30 days - 100% penalty.

A temporary option that applies to all reservations 2020: in case of reservation cancelation less then 15 days before charter, subject to the terms of payment for the reservation specified in the contract (100% balance paid), it is possible to reschedule charter dates to other available dates in 2020 with price correction for the cost of the charter without any cancelation penalty.

In case no balance paid standard penalty come in force.

In the event that official information on total quarantine and the prohibition of entry into Croatia comes into force, special measures will be taken, which will be announced additionally. We hope that the situation will calm down and become better for all of us, and that our customers will be able to enjoy and have an excellent charter holiday in Croatia!

Vishe Radugi Team

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