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Обновлено: 24 мар. 2020 г.

We update the information on the situation with restrictions in Croatia due to the coronovirus.

We follow the main portals of tourism and the Ministry of Health of Croatia. And on the basis of the information published on these resources, we share it with you.

Globally today in Croatia the situation is as follows: schools are closed, public transport does not work, home quarantine is declared for all groups after 17.00, shopping centers, theaters and cinemas are closed, groups of more than three people are prohibited from moving around the city, the police are running around the city, dispersing large groups of people. Last week, all non-entertaining companies worked regularly, just like us. Grocery stores and pharmacies work as standard, at the entrance of disinfectants, inside the observance of the distance.

The Sailing Federation canceled all sporting events.

All those entering Croatia are sent to 14-day quarantine.

This regimen was introduced before April 10th.

Our service department operates in the navy. The guys work independently of each other - only four technicians for 13 boats - observe the rules of their own hygiene and disinfection. This week we are finishing work on the service area and doing internal work - we return components, repair kitchens, bring the fleet in shape.

Booking works online from home, if necessary, visit the office. Our office is small, and we are not going to have more than two of us in it. Precautions are also being taken.

The whole team is healthy today.

Weather favors work and rest :)

Last week, the first 2 cases of coronovirus were reported in Split - an elderly man and woman were infected by their daughter, who came to visit them from Zagreb. The daughter and her husband are doctors, they work in a clinic in Zagreb, they did a coronavirus test, it turned out to be positive, after that they checked their parents in Split, who also confirmed it. Parents are in good condition in an infectious disease clinic under the supervision of doctors.

In Split, the premises of one of the buildings of the clinical hospital were allocated for the infectious diseases hospital. This hospital (as usual) serves the population of the territories from Zadar to Dubrovnik. Understand the scale. And you understand why it is important for Split today to prevent a wave of the spread of the disease.

Airplanes - only domestic flights fly to Split. International flights are accepted only by Zagreb. Borders are closed at the point of entry into Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Montenegro, from Slovenia. Only citizens of neighboring countries traveling home can move.

Ancona Split ferry suspended.

Reservation. Our policy is this: we do not refund the prepayment, but we guarantee the use of the deposits made at any other time in our fleet if the preliminary dates of the charter fall into quarantine time. Booking and deposit conditions remain standard. To offer you an advance payment of 10%, only so that you make a reservation and pay them to us, and after "how the chip will fall" is not our philosophy. We feel stable enough to survive in harsh conditions until the end of the crisis and not leave our employees without a salary. Therefore, all the deposits you paid for reservations already confirmed or planned will not go anywhere, and you will definitely use them. And we will hope that the crisis will end sooner than we all expect this in reality, and we will all be able to realize a sailing vacation. Update on the development of the situation will be after April 10. P.S. Yesterday, March 22, an earthquake occurred in Zagreb. The walls of very old buildings collapsed, of which there are quite a lot in the city center. The roof of the main church of the city also collapsed, and one of the spiers of the chapel was damaged. Everything happened early in the morning, therefore, fortunately, there are no many victims. One clinic was evacuated. One teenager of 15 years suffered. Here are links to official sources that cover the situation of COVID-19: See you on board Vishe Radugi Team

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