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Vishe Radugi Cup 08 -15 June 2013.

We introduce you new project — Vishe Radugi Cup! Dates: 8-15 June 2013. Place: Croatia, Dalmatia. Rout: marina Kastela, Hvar, Vis, Korcula islands. 150 miles. Fleet: 10 monotype sailing yachts Hanse445 2012/2013 with Gennaker. Qualified international judgement List of Professional Skippers Participation – 1.250 EUR

regatta cup

Vishe Radugi Cup 08 -15 June 2013.

This is the first regatta of  Vishe Radugi Cup, and you have a chance to be the inventor of a Cup!

Firt time on Adriatic Coast will be represented monotype  fleet of 10  Hanse445 2012/2013!  Yachts are equipped with Gennaker.

In the regatta are involved only the most worthy and popular skippers — champions of the world famous sports events, international master of sports, Cup and awards of varying degrees.

If you have no experience in sailing competitions, you have the opportunity to become a member of the crew under the direction of one of the famous professional skipper and learn some wisdom of sailing. Instructors will hold for you a master class on knots making, setting sail, yacht sailing.

Regatta involves 3 route race (Vis, Korcula, Hvar, Korcula, Hvar Castelo) and up to 5 races on distancein the waters of the islands (Vis, Hvar).

The cost of participation in the regatta Vishe Radugi Cup 2013.

  1. Individual participation for one member of the crew — 1,250 EUR

  2. Team participation — 5.270 EUR (if you already have a crew led by skipper, you can book a boat entirely).

We can also provide Skipper for your crew.  The cost of Skipper services depends on the ambition of your crew.

The price includes:

  1. Accommodation on the yacht in a 2-berth cabin

  2. Bed linen, towels

  3. WiFi on board

  4. Dinghy with engine

  5. Final Yacht cleaning

  6. Tourist tax

  7. Participation fee

  8. Gennaker

  9. Berths in marinas

  10. Skipper services

  11. High-quality software Referees

  12. Part in the entertainment program

  13. Gala dinners

  14. Prizes, souvenirs

NOT included in the price:

  1. flight

  2. transfer Airport-Marina

  3. health insurance

  4. food

  5. fuel

  6. Returnable deposit insurance for the yacht

Security deposit for the boat — 4,000 euros * * The participation of individual safety depositdivided by the entire team at the rate of 7 people, including the skipper, for one person -about 570 euros. Deposit to be convenient for you (credit card or cash) at the time of acceptance of yachts, and returned in full if there are no breakages. Program regatta.

The regatta will proceed along the route Marina Kastela — Island of Vis — island Korcula — Hvar Island — MarinaKastela. Short race will be held in the waters of the islands. Depending on weather conditions in the programis subject to change.

  1. June 8 — Arrival, check-in, reception yachts.

  2. June 9 — Skippers briefing, training race / transition Marina Kastela — the island of Vis (35 miles) Opening Ceremony

  3. June 10 — Race distance. Vis Island (10 miles)

  4. June 11 — Race route the island of Vis, Korcula Island (30 miles)

  5. June 12 — Race route island Korcula — Hvar (25 miles)

  6. June 13 — Race distance. Hvar Island (10 miles)

  7. June 14 — Race route Hvar — Marina Kastela (30 miles). Closing Ceremony. Rewarding.

  8. June 15 — check-out.

The regatta will combine the excitement of sports and intrigue of romantic adventure. From the sports component — classic sailing race route and distance. Of the entertainment part — quest, educational experience, evening parties.

Participate in the regatta can anyone who is willing to learn, to share experience, who wants to become asailor, sailing or yachting amateur captain! Who feel that life is meaningless without the sea! Who are looking for adventure and discovery! Sailing — open to each of you!

For experienced athletes regatta will also be an interesting event.

Racing new yachts 2012/2013 year —monotype Hanse445 — loud opening on the shores of the Adriatic.

Regatta format includes both race routeand fleet races at the distance.

Qualified international refereeing.

Competitive structure of professionalskippers. Good seamanship in the changing wind and rugged coastline.

We try to offer you the most comfortable conditions for diving into the sailing world — budgetary participation, good company and a great idea of the sea adventure!

Contact us at e-mail,  facebook,  Book yacht on the web site, call, send sms!



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