Why «Vishe Radugi» ??

You often wonder why the company is called «Over the Rainbow»? And why boats have such unusual names? We met in a cinema. Up to 15 minutes a session. — Let’s open a charter company? I can not sleep for three nights! I am suffering! The idea does not let go, so let’s do it! There is money – let’s buy boats. One is nothing. Two missing the reason. Let’s five! — No, then let’s seven! — Why seven? — Rainbow! — And what the rainbow? — Because 7 boats and rainbow is right. Already goose bumps! A good sign! — Yes ..? Well, will find a budget for seven. What will be the name of company? — Rainbow! — No! Over the Rainbow! — Why Over the Rainbow? — Well, Rainbow once common and widespread. And «Over the Rainbow» — there was the film, do you remember? Vladimir Presnyakov* was singing! There is much romance! Our legendary pioneer musical ! And also we will keep us Over the Rainbow ! — OOOO! Exactly! Take this! And the boat will have names according to a rainbow’s colors! — Orange, Yellow, Green …???? — Mmmm … No … Every hunter wants to know where sits the pheasant! ** — Just like that? Cool! Come on! Then travel to Paris out of time with Woody Allen, to say goodbye in frozen Moscow and keep something worm inside in anticipation of happiness … There is nothing special, just a wish! Do what you really wish! This is right way! 😉

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* Vladimir Presnyakov — ruusian pop musiс singer, took part in sounding of this cinema. ** 7 yachts were entered in a color variety of a rainbow from where received the names according to Russian version – KAZHDY, OKHOTNIK, ZHELAET, ZNAT, GDE, SIDIT, PHAZAN.

It is like acronym in English Roygbiv (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet),for the best memorising the have a phrase «Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain».

In Russia we have the same acronym with Russian words » KAZHDY(every) OKHOTNIK (hunter) ZHELAET (wants) ZNAT (to know) GDE (where) SIDIT (hides) PHAZAN (pheasant) «.


Vishe Radugi Yachting Team

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